Welcome to The Warehouse Church!

The Warehouse Church is a theologically conservative church and cooperating member of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Tennessee Baptist Convention. The Warehouse Church was started by three men, Pastors Curtis, Combs, and Hailey who saw a deep need for a church to break traditional methods of many churches. To reach a new and changing society, the pastors designed a church model that is new, lively, and contemporary. Our worship and methods are targeted to reach people who are turned away by traditional churches, or tired of the traditional model. The prayer of The Warehouse Church is to reach people who are deeply seeking a church that breaks free from traditional binds while teaching and preaching a conservative view of the Bible. Our aim is that every attendant of our services walks away having experienced God in a fun, reverent, and expressive way.

Our music is contemporary with hymns currently led by worship leader Robbie Alderman. Robbie is a talented young man who writes, plays, and sings songs enjoyed by all generations. Robbie is gifted in creating an environment that is both exciting and reverent to God. Along with our music and media supported services, attendants of The Warehouse Church walk away feeling accepted having experienced God through worship. Whether you are trying church for the first time or are looking for a change, give the Warehouse a try. We are sure to love meeting you and you are sure to love the experience

The Warehouse Church meets on Sunday mornings at 10:30. Sunday evenings at 6:00, attendees meet for “Life Applications” or “Life Apps” for short. Each small group has an App leader leading the group in discussion relating to the morning message. This is a great time for people to meet and discuss how the morning’s message applies to their lives. Each group is small offering great fellowship with other members of The Warehouse Church on a smaller scale than morning worship.